Publish Ionic app

When I published my Ionic 2 app to play store and apple app store, I faced some issues as these Publishing instructions are not updated to Ionic 2.

To publish your app, above Publishing instructions link is best tutorial except below changes:

Note: Leave the cordova off after ionic if you are still on CLI v2 (or better: upgrade to Ionic CLI v3!)


ionic cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-console

instead of

cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-console

For Android, use

ionic cordova build android --release --prod

instead of

cordova build --release android

For iOS, use

ionic cordova build ios --release --prod

instead of

cordova build --release ios

That’s it, all other steps in above link are valid and working. :thumbsup:


If i use windows pc. and i want to build ios for AppStore.

I can use this command?


@poonsak58 you have to build in the OSX environment

does any meet the following warning?

No -tsa or -tsacert is provided and this jar is not timestamped. Without a timestamp, users may not be able to validate this jar after the signer certificate’s expiration date (2043-08-08) or after any future revocation date.

Ionic team needs to update the documentation! Thanks for posting this!


I am running into the same issue. Did you ever figure this out?

In case of iOS, is --release really needed? not sure…at least I recently successfully published my app in app store without it.

For Android, of course it’s mandatory.

Hello everyone;

I have a question about config.xml

<author email="hi@ionicframework" href="">Ionic Framework Team</author>

this is a default author statement.As you see at this example there is an email ,a webaddress and author name but at my case I dont have a web address for my app .What should i do ? do i leave weba address as it is or blank ?

Thank you in advance

I’m trying to make an ipa file(In House Distribution type) and I cannot get it done.

  • I have a virtual machine with ElCapitan OSX - if that matters
  • In XCODE>Preferences>Accounts - I don’t have acces to create o do anything for my Team profie - if that matters; and my user have no “create” option for "iOS Distribution"
    What I’ve done already:
  1. ionic plugin rm cordova-plugin-console
  2. Create an App ID here:
  3. Create a Distrubution Provisionig Profile here:
  4. update config.xml with the correct id (from step 2)
  5. ionic build ios --release --prod
  6. Open platform/ios/myapp.xcodeproj in XCODE
  7. I’ve installed/deleted/installed certificates restarted Xcode and so on… after a while it worked - but now I don’t know how to generate the ipa file

If you want to do an ios application on windows, use the ionic package.

Now it even becomes :

ionic cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-console
ionic cordova build android --release --prod
ionic cordova build ios --release --prod

true :joy: it’s becoming longer with every version :joy::joy:

Hello everybody ;
i ran ionic plugin rm cordova-plugin-console but it gaves this error

Error: MyApplication not supported.

any idea ?

Thanks a lot

Ionic CLI 3? If yes, “cordova” is missing in the cmd

ionic cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-console

yes it is 3
how to remove console plug?

thank you

Again, if you use CLI 3, instead of

ionic plugin rm cordova-plugin-console


ionic cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-console

I can’t edit the post to reflect cli v3 changes. @Sujan12 I think you can edit the post. Can you edit the post to add cordova after ionic in each command like below?

ionic cordova plugin rm cordova-plugin-console
ionic cordova build android --release --prod
ionic cordova build ios --release --prod


I also added a note that with Ionic CLI v2 you should leave the "cordova " off.

By the way: The Publishing Guide for v1 was already edited with the correct commands, but the changes weren’t deployed to the web site yet.

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I’m running into it right now.

Download a VM player and rip a MacOS virtual machine. Then download XCode and go from there. Works for me

Also to sign apk, I used this command,

jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore my-release-key.keystore c:\full-path\android-release-unsigned.apk alias_name