Ionic Pro iOS development build

Hi guys
Im using Ionic Pro and im so happy with it.
I understand totally how to build for debug and production on Android - no questions here.
I also understand how to create an iOS build for releasing
What i don understand is how to build an iOS for debugging? When building with development profile im getting the ipa file as a result. How can I run it, so i could see whats going inside or what fails? In APK built for debug i can connect to mac and then via Google Chrome see the console.
How do i debug the iOS built with Ionic Pro cloud?

I got support from Ionic Pro team and here is the answer.

You get and .ipa file from the Ionic Pro package page. In case it is built with development signing rules (as described in official Ionic documentation

  1. Open XCode -> Devices & Simulators
  2. Connect you iPhone with cable - it will appear on devices tab
  3. Drag your .ipa onto this Device tab under Installed apps part.

Now the app is installed on your phone. Feel free to click “Open console” for debugging the iOS part.

If you want to debug the actual webview - enable Developer Inspector on both iPhone and Mac in Safari settings. Now open the Ionic app on iphone and open the Safari->Developer->Device name->“App name”