How to enable Production mode?

i have created a ionic 3 app .for now i need enable production mode in my app .and also how to build app in production mode


If your building with --prod it will automagically switch to production mode, so no need to do that yourself.

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for angular 2
try it
import {enableProdMode} from ‘@angular/core’;


As @luukschoen already posted that is not necessary as it is automatically inserted with --prod.

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even when using --prod, console still complains that angular is running in dev mode, my app minifies, tree shakes etc etc so am I right in assuming the console message can just be ignored

This shouldn’t happen.

What command exactly are you running?
What is your ionic info output?

I’m seeing the message too when running ionic-app-scripts serve --prod --no-interactive. I thought it was supposed to go away with --prod.

sorry must’ve mistaken or something. I can’t reproduce it anymore, console doesn’t complaining in prod.

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