What need to know to become a ionic developer

what need to know to become a ionic developer.I’m little bit confessed please help me

Lots of pieces of things, but to make a simple opinionated list, in order of importance:

  1. ES6
  2. Typescript
  3. A reactive framework (Angular, React, Vue, Ember)
  4. Observables and Promises
  5. Web components / SASS / CSS
  6. What NodeJS and npm are really doing
  7. The difference between CommonJS, ES5, ES6, library imports and exports
  8. The basics of native programming (at least enough to understand what Cordova and Capactitor are supposed to be doing)

@AaronSterling Actually i’m working on ionic framework is it ok or not?

I don’t understand, sorry.

whether the ionic framework is included in reactive framework or not.

Ionic-Angular is, because of the Angular part. Stencil maybe counts.