Things that every javascript/ionic developer should know


Hi, iam using Ionic for some time but i want to broaden my knowledge, so i want to ask, which tools/frameworks/things should every js/angular/ionic developer know? So far i was working with vanilla js, angular 4, ionic , some simple git operations… Is it worth to learn Node.js for example? And what about Gulp, webpack? any other tools/things worth learning?


Maybe not completely relevant to what you’re asking, but it’s definitely worth it to put some time into learning the ins and outs of Observables (a suggestion I’m borrowing from another regular on the forum) and Firestore / Firebase Auth.

Firestore should remain a mainstay in the data storage scene for a long time and seems to be gaining traction at a rapid pace.

Observables make life easier.

Because of some very deceptive similarities between Typescript and Java, learning Java could be seen as a double edged sword. But it was a serious growth experience for me.