Minimum android version supported by ionic version 3

Hello, I’m trying to find some documentation on what versions of Android Ionic version 3 supports. I’m not seeing anything of the sort but I am finding through forum posts that Ionic version 2 supports Android 4.4+. Has this changed for Ionic version 3?


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Ionic uses Cordova for the native builds.
Cordova Android support depends on the cordova-android platform version you are using.
The supported Android versions are listed here:
(Here the list actually has the Android version, not deployed to the website yet:

So when you install a current Ionic project with current Cordova, you get cordova-android 6.2.3 which supports API levels 16 - 25 and Android versions 4.1 - 7.1.1.

(Note that Ionic supports some features of the webview that is not avilable in Android <4.4, but this can be fixed and worked around by using the crosswalk plugin)