What is the difference between webview and native

Ive created a app and im almost done with it , but i still dont get what ionic does i kow this is really bad on my part but i already know react and i wanted to make a app really fast and i heard about ionic so i decided im just going to build a app withionic but as i come to a finishing point i still dont get how ionic or capacitor creates my app. Is a webview or is it a actual native app that i could program through its native langauge , also will capacitor transfer all my typescript/js code into the native anguage code or thats just not how things wok?

Its a webview, so your code is shippef as assets with the view by capacitor

So no compiling into native code

Nice way to see this is when you unzip an apk. U see the assets in html js and css in it


@Tommertom you are correct, just wanted to add this below.

The important thing to add here is you can
use Capacitor (or Cordova) to provide access to real, native code and functionality.

So in a recent Ionic project, I wrote an Android plugin to play audio streams natively, download files and show system notifications during download etc.

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@Daveshirman no experience with that but I bet it is a cool experience mixing web and native to build some cool stuff

Thx for the comment