Native Webview

I need something like the native app way of doing a web view. So in Ionic’s case a webview in a webview.

I don’t want to open up in app browser, I need my tabs wrapped around it and if I use an iFrame I get a mixed content error.

Is there any other solutions?



What you are asking for is technically impossible.
What could be done is overlaying a native WebView over the Ionic/Cordova webview. You would need a Cordova plugin that can do that and be controlled from Ionic code. I am not sure someting like this exists.

Okay, I just wanted to make double sure. I don’t really want to switch platforms, but it’s a big feature in the app.

You don’t have to switch anything, just find a Cordova plugin that enables this.
Microsoft had ace for some time that did things like that: Unfortunately no more active development, but maybe it already includes Webview.

Thanks for the reply. I haven’t really found anything but I’ll keep looking.

technically impossible > ?
I am no developer and I did it using gonative website
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I need similar method for making my app good as they do it for reasonable price
I only need one app b