Using Capacitor with a webview in an existing native app

I am looking into plugging an Web application into existing native applications, both iOS and Android. Ideally, this would work something like providing a native WebView with Capacitor functionality, similar to the way Cordova does it, or perhaps by adding a Capacitor Bridge Controller/BridgeActivity to the app. I’m sure this could be done manually, but I’m hoping there’s a clean way to do it with npx cap or the like. And I’m hoping to minimize the workflow disruption for the existing app development teams, since we aren’t looking to completely replace the UI with the web app components.

After a bit of looking, I haven’t been able to find any docs/topics that exactly match what I’m looking for.Has anyone made this work, or have pointers to docs?



Did you find something? I am interested in the same idea too! And in case you did it manually as you described, could you give me an hint, how this works, or some hints for Tutorial/documentation. For me this web development world, is new to me, coming from desktop app and native mobile app development.


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Hello everyone,

Does nobody has an answer?
Is the question too stupid or unclear? Or am I on the wrong framework side?

Any help appreciated