Difference Between ionic v1 and Ionic v2

i like to start with ionic i have some basic understand of the ionic v1 and how it work but i just want if anyone can tell what are the new feature of ionic v2 and difference between th v1 and v2 (sytanx and structure) i see it totally different

As you mentioned, it’s totally different, so it’s hard to summarise. The biggest difference is that it is built on Angular 2, so uses the Angular 2 syntax and methodologies. Another big change is how navigation is handled.

I wrote a blog post a while ago on some things that I like about Ionic 2 when compared to Ionic 1, it might help highlight some of the differences for you: http://www.joshmorony.com/7-reasons-why-ionic-2-is-better-than-ionic-1/

Okayyyy I read it . Helpful article thank you