What is the difference between ionic and cordova?

Recently i’ve read related article about this kind of topic.
And it says, ionic is the UI wrapper and the cordova is the android app builder.

but im still in doubt which one is better, ionic or cordova?

im very new on ionic and cordova, and still in study… sorry for my bad English, hope u guys understand what im trying to tell about.

This is a category error, because Ionic sits on top of Cordova. It’s like asking if chocolate ice cream is better than ice cream. If you prefer vanilla to chocolate, or want to make your own flavor, that’s cool, but it doesn’t make sense to say “ice cream is better than chocolate ice cream”.

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Ionic is a codebase that transpiles components into HTML and Javascript. Cordova is not HTML – Cordova plugins are often written in Java. Ionic is programming for the browser; Cordova is programming for devices. Ionic and Cordova feel similar because they both intend to provide a codebase that “works the same” on mutiple platforms.

If you read the intro docs of the Cordova project, you’ll get a better picture.

I see,
so i can say that if i want to make a mobile app i can use cordova, and if i want to make a mobile friendly browser i can use ionic? is that right?

I like ur analogy, so i can use ionic and cordova to make a mobile app that is better than just using cordova to develop an app?