What is Ionic extra value over pure Cordova?


Hi All,

I have some knowledge in Cordova, I don’t understand the core of Cordova, I just use it to compile my html/ js website into native mobile projects (basically I just use: “cordova platform add”, “cordova build” and cordova plugin add")

Now a new framework appear called Ionic that uses Cordova to compile the html/ js files into native projects.

and my question is what is the extra value that Ionic gives as over Cordova, and why should I stop using pure Cordova and migrate to Ionic???

Thanx to all


So the benefit is that instead of starting from scratch, Ionic provides you all the missing pieces such as the UI and a javascript framework (angular).

So the extra value is that you get a high quality UI framework and programatic APIs to interact with.


I already use AngularJS. So basically the extra benefit of Ionic is the startup projects (“tabs” and “sidemenu”) and the Ionic UI elements (including the Css files).
And that’s all? Or I’m missing something???