Ionic vs Sencha

Hello ions (or ionics, what’s the proper descriptor for ionic framework devs?)

I’m new around here, just discovered Ionic framework by accident.

I’ve been a Cordova developer for a while now, but so far I’ve used mostly SenchaTouch with some success. While it fits the bill for my needs quite nicely, there are some things that I don’t really like, such as the Ext syntax and the fact that Sencha adds Cordova into the project rather than making the current project a Cordova-enabled one (this can also be an advantage in that the Sencha build minifies the includes and only adds to the package what is needed).

However, after playing with Ionic a couple of days, I’ve come to love the fact that it’s built on top of Angular. I’ve been learning Angular and currently I love it very much! I also love the way ionic plays with Cordova.

But I do have some concerns, such as: is there a way to make sure that only desired components are built and not the whole www which might include unneeded stuff ?(all sorts of stuff that various bower components might add?).

I’d love to hear from someone who’s considering a transition from Sencha to Ionic.


there for you can write your own build-script/task with grunt or gulp.

There you can copy, minify, concat files and so on.
In my cases I build my final app with phonegap build where you connect a github repo (and branch) or upload a zip file.


Can’t say much, being on the team on all, but I can say ionic is free and that is very nice.