What is the best material design freamwork that works with ionic


Hi all,

I have tried so many material design freamworks with ionic but non of them gave me the native look and feel. SO far i have tried angular meterial, ionic material, etc. All of them having render problems. Is there anything else that i can use with ionic?



Hi there,

I am asking myself the same question.
I have tried both frameworks you name but can’t seem to choose.
I read that ionic team are also working closely with the angular-material team.

Does this imply that Ionic will be more inclined to function “better” with angular-material over ionic-material ?

Would be great if the Ionic team could give us a heads up as to what is coming in that respect, so we can best prepare.

Whatever the case, great job for those 3 teams (ionic, angular-material and ionic-material). All projects are great!!!