Ionic Material design suggestion

I really want to use Ionic Material Design into my app. I am currently using Ionic Material:
It is really easy to use and it work great sometime but not the others. It is little bit buggy on the actual devices and it is NOT PRODUCTION ready (and I am using it on a production app…)

I heard someone has success with Ionic Material -
But is this play well with Ionic? I heard it need jQuery. Does jQuery play well with Ionic? (never combine these 2 together…since jQuery is evil and why we use Ioinc + AngularJS the first place…correct me if I am wrong of this opinion…)

And there is other option out there. And I heard a lots of painful stories Angular Material with Ionic…anyone agree?

I just want to find the best framework before I dive myself into modification. I will start a poll if I can!

This has recently been announced I’ve started a project to port over the classes as they provided .scss files so that it works directly with Ionic.

I’m looking for contributors to help get this up as quick as possible.