Material Design, Angular Material best practice?

Hello I wonder if I have any tool to develop with Android design material, found some plugins. Which you advise ? or currently there is no plugin that is reliable?

I Found:
1 -
2 -

including dependencies with my project IONIC. I can work normally or need to do something else? CSS , JS will work well ? was reading various topics of IONIC about it over some say that will work and others do not
AngularMaterial despite the ionic uses angularjs would be a good practice to mix the Ionic structure(HTML) with the AngularMaterial ???

Angular Material:


none of them found tabs ( the truth did not even study and run the demonstration )
It would be nice to have(Tabs and Toolbar) I believe these are essential. My focus is android rsrsrs.

Hi, I am searching for good application frameworks for my ionic application as well. And, I found this:

Not sure if it is helpful.

First thanks!!! for answering the topic!!! Yes I looked , however I believe that if I use the AngularMaterial can do the same things without having to pay a plugin. Most do not know if it’s a good practice to mix ionic structures with angularmaterial … I’m afraid to get some application and start not work very well on some devices.

did you go further? I wonder if it’s possible to use angular material …