Material Design & IonicFramework?

After a little bit of research I came across the Material Project (
It looks promising, but a thing I didn’t quite understand: what is the connection between IonicFramework & Material? it looks like a whole different concept of the IonicFramework (as they want to achieve the same goal), but from looking at the docs the ionic team help to develop this.

I’d like to hear your thoughts, both on the question and the Material project itself.

Thanks, Tal.


+1 I too would like to hear your thoughts.


My guess is it’s in the air :smile:

I myself like Material as native Android Dev, but for web, i didn’t really dig, though it looks quite nice.
I think Material is maybe a bit more promising than “Ionic Design”.

For me, there is no connection between both, it’s like when you start a classic web project, choose Bootstrap, Foundation … a lot of features for devs come from the tools, and Ionic did acheive an awesome integration tool !

Just a quick note about design in ionic, I still see old html docs in the components pages, and it’s time consuming, so my guess is, wether we switch to Material or not, it’s all about such details.

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