What is cordova? what is Phonegap?

I am unable to figure out Cordova vs Phonegap?

One more thing Can we create mobile applications with angular 7 and Html code. Please help me.

What is Cordova?
From SAP Community blog:

Cordova ,formerly called as Phone Gap is a platform to build Native Mobile Applicatons using HTML5, CSS and Java Script.

In other words it acts a container for running a web application written in HTML, CSS,JS. Typically Web applications cannot use the native device functionality like Camera, GPS, Accelerometer , Contacts etc. . With Cordova we can very much achieve this and package the web application in the devices installer format.

Are PhoneGap and Apache Cordova different?

Both are the same . But we can say that Apache Cordova as an engine that powers PhoneGap , like how Webkit is an engine that powers Chrome. Technically the User Interface of a Cordova Application is effectively a WebView that occupies the complete screen and runs in the native Container. So , it is the same web view that is used by the Native Operating systems. This purely means that only the Native Containers changes according to the OS and internally the web pages remain the same. (Since the browser rendering of webpages are different for each operating systems).

Yes! From Ionic Framework webpage:

@ionic/angular combines the core Ionic experience with the tooling and APIs that are tailored to Angular Developers. Ionic supports Angular 6.0.0 and up . As part of their upgrade strategy, Angular has built-in tooling to help automate upgrades and provide feedback to developers whenever changes to an API occurred. This reduces update friction and keeps the ecosystem in a evergreen state.

Phonegap is Adobe’s take on Cordova, with additional intended perks which are, imho, no longer really promoted (or already end of life).

And cordova allows you to use html-js-css to release apps to be deployed on app store etc, responsibe as pwa etc. And thus, also angular 7 or whatever js framework/toolkit you like (ionic, bootstrap, jquery,etc).

Thanks for the reply. Your explanation is too good.

I have One more Question about below plugin.


By this plugin can we open other application or other web page.

I heared like Inappbrowser is used to open the other webpage from cordova or phonegap app.

Soo please help me out.

Thanks for your reply too. You also sugested me very nice manner.

I have One more Question about the below plugin.

Cordova-plugin-custom URL scheme.

By this plugin can we open other applications or other web page.

I heard like Inappbrowser is used to open the other web page from Cordova or PhoneGap app.

Soo please help me out.