Welcome Translators!

Hello, こんにちは, Hola, 你好, Bonjour, Olá,

Thank you for your interest in translating the Ionic Docs!:partying_face: This will be the main place we share information about how to translate the Ionic Docs and where you can ask questions you may have.

Current Status:
The Japanese docs are live! :jp:
The Ionic Japan group self-organized and translated the docs on their own. Working with them, we were able to make it the official Japanese Ionic Docs, and bring it in as a subdirectory of our website and link to it.

We have chosen to add 4 new languages based on the success of the Japanese docs: Chinese, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. We chose these languages based on our analytics and where we believe language is the greatest barrier to people trying Ionic.

Lars, is working on modifying the main Ionic Docs repository so it can support multiple languages directly. We’re planning on using Crowdin as the interface translators use to translate content. Is anyone familiar with it?

My task for each language group right now is for you to introduce yourselves to each other. Talk about differences in dialect and find agreement on which you plan to use. Are some of you in the same city? Maybe attend an Ionic or related Meetup and see if you can recruit even more people to help. This is a volunteer effort, so the more people who can help and make the job easier, the better.

On behalf of all of us at Ionic,
Thank you again for your interest and help with this effort!