Update From Ionic - Ready For Volunteers!

Hey gang, thank you for your patience. We paused the translation project for a bit while we shipped some critical updates on other projects, but we’ve got some huge updates for all of you.

We’ve settled on Crowdin for our translation efforts. We believe it will be the best tool for making it easy for translators to keep things up to date. We’re still building out a mechanism for how to translate the API docs, but our guides and most of our docs site is ready for translating! You can see the translated docs at:

As you can see, most of it is still English, so there’s lots of work to do!

When we have enough content, we’ll merge these in to master and make them the official docs and link to them at ionicframework.com/docs

Please feel free to ask questions here or email me directly. I want to make sure this process is as easy for you as possible.


Perry @ Ionic

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Hi Parry, when can we start?

Hey Honorato, you can start now! We’ve already got a few submissions.

Wow, You guys are awesome. Thank you very much for hard work… :slight_smile: