Weird navigation bar when loaded in IOS emulator and sidemenu starter template

I have created a new starter template using “ionic create app sidemenu” to create a sample application. When I build and run it in a emulator, the navbar is as the screenshot below. On clicking other menu item, then the navbar will be back to normal. Anyone experience this too?

What version of ionic are you using? This is a known issue in 1.0beta 1, can you try by referencing the nightly?

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<script src=""></script>

I can confirm this occurs in the nightly. Using Chrome emulate iPhone 5, as well as an actual iPhone 5s device. Its generates this H1.

h1 class=“title ng-binding” ng-bind-html=“title” style=“left: 116px; right: 116px;”>Awesome Page

Already an issue on it:

It only happens on the first view. Once you change to another state and back, it’s “fixed”. Will update the Issue.