Title truncated problem, Ionic, v1.0.0-beta.1


I updated Ionic v1.0.0-beta.1 and migrated sources.
but, I have first problem that title truncated at the first loading.
What is a problem?


Thanks for pointing this out, theres an issue open for this on github. You should add to the issue and try to provide a codepen example as well


I have this problem too and I just downloaded everything yesterday. Is the issue fixed yet?


@Gizmou what version of ionic are you using?


Hey thanks for your reply, I’m not sure where I can look the version number up but I downloaded everything from github yesterday :slight_smile:


If you open up either the css or js file, there should be a version number somewhere in there :wink:

Right now I know there is some work being done, so I’ll report back as soon as I know what the situation is


Aahh yea I saw it, the version number is: Ionic, v1.0.0-beta.1 (I got that from the CSS)
Alright thanks a lot!


So theres been some commits to fix this issue. Can you guys test it out and let me know if the issue is resolved.


This issue has resolved and is in the nightly builds. Should be officially out in 1.0 beta 2


ah nice I will try it out later, when will 1.0 beta 2 be out?


I’m not on the dev team so I can’t say. Best bet is to check GitHub and check the milestones


@mhartington Thanks for your answers :smile: