Header title truncated when view loaded from sidebar with back button

Steps to replicate:

  1. Navigate to view with back link.
  2. Open sidebar, go to another view.

Header title with new view is truncated with ellipsis. It seems when navigating to another view when the back button in header causes header title for new view to get truncated.

1.0 Beta 7

This was an issue back in either beta 1 or 2 I believe…thought it was taken care of. Can you try either beta 8 or the nightly builds?

It’s still happening in 1.0.0-beta.8-nightly-218. Screen by screen run through of this issue below.

Start up on app, home view:

This is the view before going back to the home view:

Open the menu to go back to the home view:

Home view title is truncated.

This only happens when going from a view with the back button. It does not happen with the hamburger menu icon.

Alright, can you open an issue for this, be sure to provide the ionic version, and what platform is have the issue.

Could it be that the problem is still present?
I’ve got a similar issue by setting the title via Controller: on first render it’s all visible and clear, but after going forth and back from another controller it become ellipsized…