Web Platforma sync with Ionic App, it is possible?

Hello friends, I’m new here, but I’m studying Ionic a few months ago.

What I want to do is: An app that the user accesses his gym using login, and this access he visualizes his workout routine.

The user:
The user it’s client of a certain gym, He selects his gym, logs in and view his workout routine, allowing only change the weight of each exercise.

The Gym (my direct clients):

  • I have 3 bodybuilding gym clients. Each Gym access a platform on which it creates and controls the workout routine of each user. And distributes login and pass to the client.

The app (general):

  • A list of all registered Gym’s to the user. The user access his Gym using login and visualizes his workout routine, this workout routine it’s controlled by the Gym in a web platform.

The idea it’s following this local food application:

I dont know if it is possible using Ionic, but the problem it’s that I dont have a idea how I can develop this system. How build this web platform?

Thank you very much friends, and sorry to big text and bad english.
Best Regards.

Hey again friends!

After a research…I got that it’s a Restful API to make this web service…

I’ve got good topics speaking about using Wordpress+ REST API Plugin + Ionic.

Maybe I can do it using this “combo”.

What do you think friends?

Best regards