Sync ionic smartphone app with desktop and other units

I’m building an app where you can plan and execute a training schedule (and more stuff). But I don’t want this to be just local on the phone but “seamlessly” synchronized with other units. A used should be able to plan on desktop and execute on iPhone and then follow up stats and comments on a iPad.

Looking into Amazon (and other) solutions for this, does anyone have any input for this when coming to ionic apps? Was looking at firebase that would fit my needs but I don’t really like their price plan.

Hi @BjornTikkanen,

You could use Dropbox if you don’t mind a sandboxed data storage:

I use this strategy in my published application, OTP Safe for Android and iOS. I even have a Google Chrome extension to go with it so all three are synchronized with each other. Best part is the Dropbox Datastore API is free. The user just needs to have an account.