Web Hosting

What is the difference between web hosting and cloud hosting, if there is any ?
Even minutest and subtlest difference would be admired.
Thanks in advance.

Cloud is a commercial term to cater for a.o. webhosting.

Google Firebase is a nice way to get familiar with it, combined with Angular. Because the JDK is nice and there is a very generous free tier.

But AWS, Azure are considered even more advanced

In the end of the ride, you need to have a way to publish an app. Using cloud to do (web)hosting is the go-to way for most solutions.

Especially as it will provide you with many other nice things you will need at the end of the ride (in case you want to do some serious app development and deployment)

I would add one more minute and subtle difference: at least to my mind, web hosting could consist of only a single instance of a server, whereas cloud hosting carries with it the notion that the server or servers are or can be replicated seamlessly across many different virtual and physical machines.

I wonder if the op should care beyond many more little secret differences

But who knows…

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