Using cloud service with Ionic

Hi everyone,

I would like to know what’s the best practices you know, when you want to use a cloud service for storing and fetching data in your Ionic application? Something like Parse, FireBase …

My question is: For example, Parse have similar use for JavaScript and PHP, is it better to use it on the client-side (JavaScript living in your Ionic/angularJS application) or server-side (PHP code)? I’m not talking about if it’s better to use JavaScript or PHP but what’s the most efficient configuration?

For example let’s say for instance, I want to use parse to be able to let my users Sign Up into my application. Should I use Parse on the client to persist the new user or should I rather do an Ajax call and ask a PHP server to do it for me?

I will be curious to know how you are using Cloud services within your Ionic application and thanks for your feedback!

It depends, but in your case just use it directly in the client side.
Why bother backend if you can do it on the front-end already? unless you have need something to happen before authentication or stuff.

@padz535 Agree with you about the Sign up but my question was more about performance wise, you cannot put everything on the client side, I would like to know how to balance between client and server.