Hosting ionic apps in the cloud - help me understand

Since, as I understand it, the output of an ionic app is a mobile binary like an apk file, is all the react code and javascript app code bundled in. In other words, when the webview launches on the phone, I shouldn’t need an external server to host my app that the webview then downloads and evaluates (like a normal browser). Yet, you can host an ionic app on backend as a service hosts? What is actually hosted there? Help me understand this.


If you deploy your app using Capacitor to the Google Play or Apple App Store, everything is included/bundled up into the app’s binary.

if you want to deploy to the web, then it is just like any other standard SPA. You deploy all the files that were built in the dist folder (at least where they are by default for an Ionic Vue project) onto your server/host of your choice. These files are the exact same ones that are included in the app binary above.

Thank you for making this clear. It makes perfect sense. I don’t know why, but I forget that you can build a regular web app with ionic.


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