Any good comparisons of firebase vs AWS

Hi all,

I’ve seen plenty of articles/tutorial for basic firebase apps but not much for the AWS stack. I know it’s newer, even though it has an offical starter template. I’d be real interested in thoughts/opinions of those who have had experience deploying apps in both. I’m ok with hearing what people think is best but would love a bit of elaboration.

I’m waist deep in my first firebase app and I’m getting by. I’ve lost my passion for firebase. I’ve got some familiarity with AWS but not cognito. Periodically I find my self thinking of starting over but always choose to push on. Anyway, love to hear your tales.

I also would love to hear some input on this.

I’m in the research phase of another project and would love to hear either an official word from the ionic team of what they think would be best, or from any other developers with some experience.

Thanks in advance!

I’ll likely be speaking with the minority here, but I found switching to AWS to be an exasperating experience.

I had to learn so many disparate technologies, when all I wanted to do was add some simple functions to my apps.

AWS, like many other proprietary solutions, locks you in to their technology. That’s not necessarily bad, but their pricing models are dubious, at best. Get ready to read pages and pages of ever-changing pricing structures. Better yet, just google AWS pricing surprises.

Head to head, AWS saved me 200ms in load time – a noticeable factor, but it took months of prep work to get there.

In the end, I scrapped my team’s work and returned to an in-house solution because the upkeep was untenable with AWS, and frankly, I’d rather pay nominally more for set-price services than have to keep my eyes on my AWS price alerts daily.

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AWS also gave me phantom charges for services I did not turn on. So on a few occasions, I had to spend time on the phone to have the admins see those services weren’t even on my profile.

I’ve worked with AWS services in the past but not the mobile hub bit. It can be a bit tedious having to deal with all the ins and outs of the services. I don’t have a team and just haven’t wanted to sink any time into that side of things so I appreciate your view. Hopefully someone else has had a different experience and could share. Thank you.