Want to learn how to program with Ionic need some tips!

Hey guys ! So I want to learn how to program apps for both android and ios and a friend of mine told me that ionic is a great framework for doing so. So I’ve installed ionic now and after trying my hand at making/looking at a few apps I feel sort of overwhelmed. Can anyone perhaps give me a few pointers on where to start if I want to program apps with ionic ?

I only have experience programming in C++ an C# - so Html and JS is something that is quite new to me.

I’d appreciate any pointers, tutorials, or anything that might help me get started !

I’d strongly suggest getting the Ionic book: Ionic in Action Book, available now as early access, provide your input!

It was what helped me really get up to speed with Ionic in minimum time. I’ve now written 3 apps in 2 months using this framework, and the book is what gave me the confidence and ideas to push through. (Also, this forum helps a lot too!) :smile: