Visual Studio Code and Ionic: Useful extensions

I am sure some people here are using the awesome Visual Studio Code to work with Ionic.

Are you using any useful extensions?

one plugin i really like is Auto Import
since in the company we work on a big project


I use vscode-icons to style the icons of files and folders, and Typescript Hero for auto imports.

Typescript Hero is specially useful with its command to Add All Missing Imports, so if I change the location of a file, for instance, I just execute this command and all imports are resolved. It’s a life saver. There is also another useful command to Organize Imports that removes all unused imports and orders the remaining ones. I’ve just added shortcuts to both of them and execute them whenever I change imports in a file, so I almost never have to look at my imports at all.


Just found this very useful one:


This one is mine, with helping assistant


MD Tools
Common casing operations e.g. toUpper, ToLower, SwapCase, Reverse and more