VS Code extensions

hi there
Im back to developing Ionic Framework, but it seems like Code Editors support are left behind about extensions to enhance Ionic development.
I am using Visual Studio Code for frontend development, but I can’t find any updated extension to newer verions of Ionic Framework.
I use Angular Essentials from John Papa to ease the Angular side, but Ionic has a lot of properties in its components that would be at least “nice” to have some intellisense available.
For instance:

<ion-label position="floating">Title</ion-label>

If I type position="", I won’t have what options are available!

That forces me to go to documentation every time or memorize a huge list o properties, since Ionic has a great bundle of components it TOTALLY not productive proportionally.

I know somebody might say: “Go and develop that yourself!” - Sincerely, I don’t have that expertise to do that, but I am very inclined to pay for Ionic Tools services if I can use it extensively again, but it’s quite impossivel to be productive actually.

It is very likey I’ll have to continue using React Native, and will get off Ionic again.