Typescript IDE with Organize Imports Functionality

Organize Imports is a functionality that enables automatic adding and removing of module imports. It is widely available for various other languages. It is a huge time saver.

If someone knows an IDE with such a functionality, I would highly appreciate suggestions?

I am not sure if this is what you are referring, but I have been using vs code and the intellisense has bee pretty awesome. Plus I have added an angilar2 and ionic plugins which add more quick inputting.

Ok let’s take an example. Let’s say we have an app.ts file (imports are not in the file):

    template: '<ion-nav [root]="rootPage"></ion-nav>

export class MyApp {
    private rootPage: any;
    constructor() {
        this.rootPage = TabsPage;


In many IDEs with Java/C#/… you could press a keyboard short to automatically add the imports to the beginning (such as Ctrl + O):

import {Component} from '@angular/core';
import {ionicBootstrap} from 'ionic-angular';
import {TabsPage} from './pages/tabs/tabs';

Go with VS Code its the best for typescipt. And you will also get extensions for ionic 2 , Agularjs 2 and typescript.

i’m using atom ide also