View docs for previous version

Hey so my app is on Ionic 1.1, I’m currently not able to migrate to 1.2.

I need to see the reference for radio buttons but since they changed in 1.2 the info in the docs currently on the site don’t apply to my code.

Is there a way to “switch” which version you want to see docs for so I can pull-up the 1.1 radio button reference?


OK so I answered my own question…

In the docs on the site, if you go to the “Javascript” (API) section you can switch between versions. However, this feature is not available in the “Components” section which is where the radio button reference is.

I had to go to the ionic-site Github repo, view history on /docs/components/index.html and find where the radio button reference was changed.

Kind-of a pain in the ass, maybe the Ionic team could consider showing previous versions of the component reference on the site just like they do for the API reference? ESPECIALLY with the recent 1.2 updates and with 2.0 around the corner, people won’t always be able to immediately update their apps…

Hey there,

so for V2, there will completely separate docs, so between 1x and 2x, people will be able to view different docs, so yay :smile:

As for v1, the component docs, it would be a bit difficult. Since the component docs weren’t originally setup that way. But the upgrade from 1.1 to 1.2 wasn’t much of a change. So I don’t see why you can’t upgrade