Can I no longer use Ionic 1.0 since v2 release?


I’m seeing some things that look wildly different in Ionic 2.0 and I’m concerned that I can no longer use what I spent so long learning from the previous version. Maybe I overlooked this , but where is all the 2.0 angular/ javascript documentation?


If by “where is the javascript documentation” you mean “I don’t want to write TypeScript”, you’re going to be disappointed.


If that’s your idea of forum support you’re going to need to stay away from people’s questions while you re-think your usefulness here.


Docs default to the V2 documentation, you can switch to V1 with the dropdown in the top left.


Thank you. My concern is deprecated features/support. If I can still write and deploy in version 1 then I will continue on with the project I’ve already started.


Hi, Spilot.

I believe ionic v1 and v2 are two entirely different projects, like Angular 1 vs Angular 2.

I think both versions will continue to go on in parallel, so you can keep using Ionic v1.