Ionic 2 docs out of date already

Yup. And it’s very confusing.

Eg. there is no ./app/app.js, there is no ./app/app.html

At this point in the tutorial I’m more or lest completely lost.

Hi @SubEffect. Beta 9 switched over to TypeScript as the default language (app.ts instead of app.js, etc).

Ionic Team: Could you show the ionic start switch to build in JavaScript? ionic start -help didn’t seem to list anything to go back to JavaScript, and it still shows that you have to add --ts and -typescript as the means to start in TS.

Well the docs now have app.ts and I’ve got the Sublime Text plugin for syntax highlighting so that’s fine.

But the docs also say there is a file at “app/app.html” and not only does this not exist but there is NO app.html in the ENTIRE project!!!

The beta docs seem designed to be as obtuse as possible. Ionic 1 docs were good. What’s happening? Is Ionic dying? Don’t they have the manpower to keep docs up to date?

I’ve no idea where to search for the “main template for the app”. This is NO .html file in the /app folder so whatever I do now is pure guesswork…

Have you updated lately?

npm outdated -g

The template for the app’s root is in the app.ts file by default. The template is just a string in the @Component metadata


  template: `<ion-nav [root]="rootPage"></ion-nav>`

May be, but the tutor docs follow the app.html structure… Where is ion-menu? Or, if app.html is present only if there is a menu, why tutor does not use a menu template? I’ confuse…