Where is Ionic v7 UI Components Documentation?

I asked yesterday about the state of the Ionic v7 (beta) documentation at the Q1 Ionic Show 2023 yesterday and was told that it was fully available, but when I try to look at the UI Components documentation on the documentation site, the version select box at the top of the page changes to v6 and I see version 6 information. When another asked when v7 would “drop” during that webinar, the answer was that it basically already had.

I don’t have a v6 project to migrate. I’m creating my first ionic project and want to start out fresh with v7, but this is looking more challenging than it has to be with only upgrade guides, given I’ve never used any earlier version before.

Just change back the dropbox to the “v7 (beta)” after it changed automatically. Then you are redirected to UI Components | User Interface Application Building Components and can navigate through the v7 component docs :blush:

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Well…that was easy! :blush:
Thank you.