v1.0.0-beta.8 "fermium-flamingo" released!


1.0.0-beta.8 “fermium-flamingo” (2014-06-16)

Download Instructions: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/#manual-start

The main reason for this quick release after beta.7 is to fix a regression on old Androids due to some compatibility issues with requestAnimationFrame.

Bug Fixes

  • cancelAnimationFrame: polyfill in ionic.DomUtil (a0577346)
  • content: scroll=false in sidemenu hides content (53c17104, closes #1485)
  • css: reset FirefoxOS default gradients (5f1ea5f6, closes #1426)
  • headerBarView: check for null in getTextBounds (be351ce1, closes #1377)
  • tap: error when releasing outside of browser (8da9f34b, closes #1612)


  • ionicons:

Beta 8 Breaks my header tabs

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Thinks ,so much,when will is release 1.0


Soon ™ (when it’s ready)


Hey guys.

Just a question…

I just updated Ionic from beta 5 to beta 8. My collections do not scroll now for some reason, they worked perfectly before, but now the scrolling seems to be disabled (the list is “frozen”) but the list items can still be clicked on etc.

Anyone else experience this?



How can I tell which version of ionic I’m running? When I run the ionic command it doesn’t tell me.


You can check the version number in the JS file for ionic? Is that it?


@edwrede_ZA ,

Can you open a separate topic with more details? What markup you are using, what your controller looks like, what you mean by ‘collection’, etc.


Hi @andy

Absolutely I’ll attempt to do so this evening, thanks!!


You can also type ionic.version in the console.



Sorry about that, very strange… I re-compiled / installed the app on my device and now I have no issues. I tried it across all 3 of my development / testing devices and they’re all fine… So not sure what exactly happened there…

False alarm :wink:


First off - thank you for a great framework! I’m very much enjoying using ionic.

I just upgraded my app to beta 8 (from beta 6). When running in a web browser on my Android phone (Moto X running Android 4.4.2) I noticed that the page transition animations are much jerkier, if they even show at all. I uploaded my old beta 6 version and ran them side-by-side and the difference is noticeable.

Have the page transitions changed?

best, - rajat


Hi @rajatrocks I noticed this too on iphone 4G… very jerky right transition - when beta 5 (or maybe beta 6) was great. (BUT works fine on ipad so its performance not code related)

I think the changes were these file changes but I haven’t tried a comparison yet (that was next on my list of things to do) (I also haven’t fully checked if this IS the code change that makes the impact)


I have that too (non scrolling). It happens after keyboard use, on some devices (e.g android). There has been a (now closed) github issue about this - but I think the 8 nightlies post that issue being closed still have the issue. Hoping to get some time to investigate this further as to what exactly it is.


This is also happening on iphone 4 with beta.8 only: After transition, screen is stuck for awhile (due to body.disable-pointer-events)

I have tried 7, 6, 5, and 4 and they’re all fine.


Good to know that it’s not just me :slight_smile: My app is un-demoable with b8, so I’ve reverted to b6 for the time being. @mhartington - any thoughts on why the transitions on actual devices have degraded in performance? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!


There has been some work done to animation that could have been the issue. Can you try the nightly builds?


Github 1657 refers to the transition speed issue. You may like to add your example there…


Thanks Alex! Have posted there.