v1.0.0-beta.7 "einsteinium-emu" released!

Download: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/#manual-start

Bug Fixes

  • $ionNavView: prevent read property ‘name’ of null (4831f489, closes #1587)
  • $ionicActionSheet:
    • stop memory leak due to hidden element staying in dom (b7646a56)
    • fix problems with cancel() not being called (323e2ce2, closes #1013, #1576)
  • .slide-in-right: fix leave animation being same as enter (024f51d3, closes #1610)
  • backdrop: Changed z-index for loading backdrop only. (4c700e9c, closes #1428)
  • collectionRepeat:
    • remove elements at correct time when leaving page (30a3c8e0)
    • use $rootScope when checking if digest is needed (74a46122, closes #1518)
  • firefox: Add FF 19+ style vendor prefixing (bit.ly/1tLz8Qp) (5286a0c4, closes #1574)
  • headerBar: More accurate scroll-to-top detection (1a7c1f1d)
  • ionItem:
  • ionNavBackButton: stop flicker when pressing back on ios (cec3a422)
  • ionRadio:
    • make value attribute work (5fd5e009)
    • correctly interpolate ngValue instead of compiling (948cffeb, closes #1464)
  • ionRefresher: be sure to run on-refresh with an angular digest (979f7b52, closes #1465)
  • ionScroll: let zoom work on android devices (e88659c6, closes #1440)
  • listView:
    • avoiding potential memory leak from assigning properties directly to an element (d7793463)
    • position dragged list item properly when list view’s parent is offset. (afdf0ad7, closes #1583)
  • loading: backdrop higher z-index (bfce8e27)
  • modal: error message for modal show after remove (003659b6)
  • nav: make fewer z-index assumptions while animating in ios7 animation (02f5fcb7)
  • popup: focus on first input (71efd51b, closes #822)
  • radioButtons: Correcting a bug introduced by 521164db786a0b836b5b8149816f50da55c6a82a. (ead5e026, closes #1599)
  • scroll: input text selecting w/ mouse events (86e1fe9a, closes #1475)
  • tap:
    • ignoreScrollStart w/ data-tap-disabled (772459df, closes #1505)
    • cancel simulated click w/ hold events (f5bb023e)
  • test: Use HTML5 doctype on all tests., #1524 (18391589, closes #1539)


  • $ionicActionSheet: add cancelOnStateChange option, default true (087e55f3, closes #1318)
  • $ionicModal: add hardwareBackButtonClose as option, default true (9ffca1e4, closes #1397)
  • $ionicSlideBoxDelegate: add start() to resume after stop (e4ab045e, closes #1584)
  • angular: update to AngularJS v1.2.17 (89d5553d)
  • collectionRepeat: huge optimization upgrades (6af5d68d, closes #1597)
  • gestures: added gesture directives (a2dcaf13, closes #829)
  • ionScroll: add has-bouncing=true/false attribute (00c80e85, closes #1573, #1367)
  • ionTab: add class attribute to tab items (e6f79cc0)
  • ionic.Platform: add ionic.Platform.setGrade() function (05dd7b18, closes #1104)
  • itemFloatingLabel: add floating labels: ‘item-floating-label’ class (050b4f25, closes #1611)
  • platforms: Android and iOS Specific Styles and Transitions (c30be67f)
  • scrollView: better deceleration for scroll view on iOS (9c77089a)

Breaking Changes

  • $ionicActionSheet’s default behavior is now to cancel
    when the app’s state changes. To disable this behavior, pass
    cancelOnStateChange: false into $ionicActionSheet.show().


  • $ionicActionSheet now returns a method to hide the
    action sheet.

Previously, it returned an object that had a show and hide method.
This was undocumented, but if you used it, here is how to migrate your

Change your code from this:

var sheet = $ionicActionSheet.show({...});

To this:

var hideSheet = $ionicActionSheet.show({...});



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Keep the hard work going!

Nice job as always.

PS: The release folder on the zip was not updated for this beta, they still point to beta.6 files.

Congrats again - loaded up app on android and ios with new beta 7 and all good.

Has the default layout of the tabs changed?

Looks different now from solid background color - to light background and a highlighted active tabs top border bar.

We’re slowly rolling in more platform-specific looks for ios & Android.

The tabs on Android are an example of this.

More will be coming soon, and more documentation for how to configure these changes.

Your bower tag doesn’t have the release of 1.0.0.beta.7 in it but instead the 1.0.0.beta6 release, so in bower my resolution is coming through as beta7 but the release files are beta6

Seems the post is pinned but doesn’t act like a pinned thread… Maybe repin?

And of course congrats on the release! Looking better and better each version :smile:

I’d like to point this topic to this thread, as it’s a serious regression with the update to Angular.js.

Looking forward to upgrading to this release!! (I skipped the previous one to be honest).

Thanks for the hard work guys, keep it up!!

Could you show how we can use item-floating-label class within forms?

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There will be Windows Phone support? :smiley:

hello, nice job,
What about ionic icons 1.5.0 ?

The collection-repeat update is AWESOME! removes 100% lagg I had on older iPads! Great job (as always)!