v1.0.0-beta.11 "indium-iguana" released!


1.0.0-beta.11 “indium-iguana” (2014-08-06)

Bug Fixes

  • actionSheet: run $apply when closing actionSheet with back button (d3ed66e0)
  • backdrop: disable tap longer after backdrop close (7faeeda0, closes #1536)
  • cards: No more double margin if inside padding container (03903239)
  • demos: fix HTML validation issue (c47fcccc)
  • forms: Normalized form styles (89999cad)
  • header: buttons do not align in Android 4.4 (06086ee9, closes #1614)
  • ionRadio: fix ng-change being reported before model changes (53c437e2, closes #1741)
  • nav: Removed border on animation (a9a52f64)
  • popup: backdrop release fires with every close (ae87c66b)
  • sideMenu: remove .menu-open on destroy (f246c5aa)
  • tabs:
    • vertically center text and icons on tabs-icon-left/right (93d586de, closes #1827)
    • remove important flag from `.tabs{border-bottom:none;} Fixes: 1652 (bf1c1bc9)
  • toggle: fix toggle-class attribute (6fbd1a43, closes #1851)
  • viewService: No error on clearHistory for empty history (64641b1b)


  • collectionRepeat: other children of ion-content element fit in (7ddb57e6, closes #1920, #1866, #1380)
  • popover: created popovers (c1215aa3)
  • tabs: Expand striped android style tab functionality. Closes 1694 (ddda809b)

Breaking Changes

  • ion-radio no longer has an isolate scope.
    This will break your radio only if you were relying upon the radio having an isolate scope: if you were referencing $parent.value as
    the ng-disabled attribute, for example.

Change your code from this:

<ion-radio ng-disabled="{{$parent.isDisabled}}"></ion-radio>

To this:

<ion-radio ng-disabled="{{isDisabled}}"></ion-radio>