v1.0.0-beta.5 'barium-bobcat' Released!

Download Instructions: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic#quick-start

Bug Fixes

  • $ionicLoading: do not flicker when showing long loading messages (90e7395e, closes #1252)
  • .slide-left-right-ios7: do not give borders to header/footer bars (30a9da19, closes #1232)
  • .tab-item: make it work with activator (1b1c234f, closes #1317)
  • CustomEvent: fix IE CustomEvent polyfill (191464c9)
  • activator: properly activate elements nested inside an item (3c15b118)
  • button: fix icon vertical alignments for IE 10 (930794cd)
  • e2e-tests: disable ionic-tap during e2e tests (636ca943, closes #1310)
  • footer: Fix placement of .bar-footer.item-input-inset (eaee564d, closes #1325)
  • header: Set a height for .bar .title (0c960b54)
  • headerBar: tap to scroll to top only on the nearest scrollview (58c97e0d, closes #1329)
  • input:
    • vertically align date input text (e5af75fa, closes #1147)
    • transparent bg for .item-input-inset input (08f0adb1)
  • ion-header-bar: when hidden, correctly offset the ion-content (efa61844, closes #1351)
  • ionCheckbox: make ng-checked and ng-change work (a006d896, closes #1349)
  • ionItem: transform to <a> tag for ui-sref (c6c1300b)
  • ionNavButtons: do not append if page is removed very quickly (24a488bb)
  • ionToggle: stop error in edge case of drag ending before raf (d108a29e)
  • ionView:
    • make it set navbar if title changes back to old value (919d4f8d, closes #1121)
    • make sure title is set correctly in edge cases (4814a63b)
  • listView: reordering upwards in a list is more responsive, fix scrolling error (df9c0747, closes #1202)
  • refresher: make arrow spin correctly (2ec01733, closes #1319)
  • scroll:
    • scroll inputs correctly with footer (373c0cd4)
    • Scrolling using pointer events (ed3ee1d0)
  • select:
  • sideMenu: Disable content interaction when menu open (76d4c083, closes #1339)
  • tap:
    • Normalize taps w/ pointer events also (1a2e501f)
    • Prevent different input focus after 300ms delay (8730e62e, closes #1370)
  • textarea: Allow scroll in textarea when focused (5f2fdfdd, closes #1280)


  • $ionicModal: allow configuration of backdropClickToClose (291d723a)
  • ionNavBackButton: make pressed state work (8d34ab28)
  • platform: added isWindowsPhone() method (08e4b3d9)
  • tap: Make TAP_RELEASE_TOLERANCE configurable (27369930)
  • touch-action: add touch-action: manipulation (40cd6f72)
  • ui-router: upgrade to angular-ui-router v0.2.10 (b9353e71, closes #941)

Breaking Changes

  • ion-checkbox no longer has an isolate scope.

This will break your checkbox only if you were relying upon the
checkbox having an isolate scope: if you were referencing
$parent.value as the ng-disabled attribute, for example.

Change your code from this:

<ion-checkbox ng-disabled="{{$parent.isDisabled}}"></ion-checkbox>

To this:

<ion-checkbox ng-disabled="{{isDisabled}}"></ion-checkbox>


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sideMenu: Disable content interaction when menu open (76d4c083, closes #1339)

I’m glad that this is fixed, however now notice the behavior when you scroll on the sidemenu. If you scroll your finger “left” on the sidemenu while it is open, your app centers and the sidemenu no longer works properly!

I submitted a GitHub issue.

ion-slide-box seems to be broken with beta 5. When flicking to the end and then flick once more the slide box starts at the beginning and is empty and not flickable anymore. Anyone else experienced the same issue? Otherwise great work! Love Ionic!

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Burning Issue … Sidemenu not responding.

Apologies for the release problems, we are working on a hotfix.

And this reminds us to implement end-to-end tests … which we will have before the next release.

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Hotfix released: V1.0.0-beta.5b 'cadmium-camel' Released!

I think there’s such a bug with the ion-option-button

I’ve forked and save there with the 5b ionic bundle – http://codepen.io/fouzko/pen/jgGhy

original version (w/ ionic bundle v4) – http://codepen.io/ionic/pen/JsHjf

I had same problem as @romanrast and I think that I fixed it.

Is there a way to fix this without using does-continue? I don’t want the slideBox to automatically slide. I could set a high slide-interval but that seems for me more like a hack than a proper solution.

here is solution