v0.9.27 Alpha Salamander released - Last before beta!

v0.9.27 Alpha “Salamander” has been released!

This is the last release without large breaking changes as we solidify the long-term API for the very soon 1.0 beta release - although it still has a few small breaking changes (noted below, with migration instructions)!

Get ready for new detailed API documentation and the beta release soon. Use the nightly build with great caution until the beta release.

0.9.27 “Salamander” (2014-03-15)

Bug Fixes

  • actionsheet:
    • Use transition instead of animation for backdrop, fix for Android 2.3 (c91622b7)
    • Dismiss actionsheet when tapping backdrop, closes #733 (668c646f)
    • Fix slide-up animation, closes #713 (44b31e18)
  • backbutton: Allow only one back button listener to run per click, closes #693 (a491f22c)
  • badge:
    • Vertical align a badge in an item-divider, closes #707 (cb5510c1)
    • Update badge alignment in tab items, closes #694 (c4eed02f)
  • button:
    • Correct vertical alignment of header right buttons, closes #704 (438f5fba)
    • Tweak vertical alignment of button icons, closes #739 (7ec0605e)
  • checkbox: Fix checkmark in Android 2.3 (717148d9)
  • colors: Update all #4A87EE colors to use $positive color, closes #731 (d113ddfa)
  • footer: Show footers within tab content, closes #728 (9c5772f3)
  • history: Separate histories and views, clear other views in clearHistory(), closes #724 (c99427aa)
  • input: Correct vertical alignment of inputs and their labels, closes #799 (6547ca60)
  • ionTabs: do not pre-transclude; stops error on compile (ecfdbaa6, closes #730)
  • item:
    • Fix badge moving to new line when text is too long, closes #551 (4d366710)
    • Fix item-icon-left / right animating Ionicon not centered, closes #670 (11a4338d)
  • list: Drag to expose list option buttons, closes #701 (25650005)
  • modal:
    • Do not apply the same modal animation to all of its children, closes #683 (9cff5d03)
    • Fix removing modal from DOM on .remove(), closes #755 (c4ca7a85)
    • Improve slide-up/down animations, remove flickers (b593cf1b)
  • navView: _getView renamed to _getViewById, closes #736 (78206d0e)
  • platform: Fix Platform.showStatusBar so it can be used multiple times, closes #702 (a6c47cd3)
  • sideMenu:
    • Not snapping on close on certain conditions #795 (a5899918)
    • Fix flashing when closing right side menu, closes #556 (a0d60d52)
    • Close side-menu if open and content tapped, closes #648 (0c5c6751)
  • sideMenuController: sticking issue #738 (ea04e393)
  • sidemenu: Side menu always needs to have translate3d applied, closes #710 (16ac2ff1)
  • tap:
    • Do not trigger a click if the element was scrolled after touchstart/mousedown (98e7e1aa)
    • Do not detect taps for input[type=file], closes #652 (6f2d6e7c)
  • toggle: Fix toggle handle on Android 2.3 (72f2e840)


  • active: Removing use of :active in favor of .active for more control of active state (baa04cde)
  • animation: Add right to left animations, and their reverse, for RTL support, closes #643 (4628b9fb)
  • ionInfiniteScroll:
    • allow configuration of icon and text through icon and text attributes (5f2c32ea)
  • ionRefresher: allow custom text & icons through pulling-text, pulling-icon, refreshing-text, refreshing-icon attributes. (573df56d, closes #760)
  • modal:
    • On larger displays modals will be inset and centered, not full width/height, clo (ba2a40c8)
    • Create a modal backdrop wrapper w/ internal modal directive, closes #605 (7d076bd5)
  • popup: Added popup support (a30b0b7d)
  • toggle: Added dragging support to toggle switches (cc15a5b4)

Breaking Changes

  • on-refresh and on-refresh-opening are no longer on the
    ion-content directive. They are on the ion-refresher. In addition,
    on-refresh-opening has been renamed to on-pulling.

Change your code from this:

<ion-content on-refresh="onRefresh()"

To this:

  <ion-refresher on-refresh="onRefresh()"


  • on-infinite-scroll and infinite-scroll-distance are no longer attributes on the ion-content directive. They are on the ion-infinite-scroll element.

Chang your code from this:

<ion-content on-infinite-scroll="onInfiniteScroll()" 

To this:

  <ion-infinite-scroll on-infinite="onInfiniteScroll()"

ionHeaderBar’s title attribute is now interpolated.

Change this code: <ion-header-bar title="myTitleVar"></ion-header-bar>

To this code: <ion-header-bar title="{{myTitleVar}}"></ion-header-bar>

ionicSlideBox#getPos has been renamed to ionicSlideBox#currentIndex.

ionicSlideBox#numSlides has been renamed to ionicSlideBox#slidesCount.


hey there,

i thought there is a version 0.10.0 already out there because i am using it. :wink: does the 0.10.0 have the same changes and features as the salamander release?

Thanks for the great work again guys! Looking forward to working with this in my projects.

this is awesome.

just waiting for better documents.

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This no longer works.(ver0.9.26 → 0.9.27)

Hi @hillbm,

0.10.0 was the name of the nightly version before. We slightly changed how our versioning works though, so now the nightlys should be named ‘0.9.27-nightly-###’ until we push out 1.0 beta.

Separate histories and views, clear other views in clea… or active?

I just updated to this version. The active link on side menu no longer has a active link color. Current css

.menu-left .item-complex.active a.item-content {
	color: #ef4e3a;

Try .menu-left ul li.active a?

No. The color works when I click on it. It just doesn’t remember that I am on the current page active link color.

<ion-content scroll="false" has-header="false" fade-header>    
    	<ion-item class="item item-icon-left" ng-click="goTo('tutorial')"><i class="icon ion-help"></i>Tutorial</ion-item>
    	<ion-item class="item item-icon-left" ng-click="goTo('privacy')"><i class="icon ion-alert"></i>Privacy</ion-item>
    	<ion-item class="item item-icon-left" ng-click="goTo('login')"><i class="icon ion-log-in"></i>Login</ion-item>

Have you tried using ng-class?

<ion-item ng-class="{active: currentState() == 'login'>

function Ctrl($scope, $state) {
  $scope.currentState = function() {
    return $state.current;

Breaking change: ion-scroll-refresher has been removed via 573df56.

yes. i must doing something wrong. do you mind posting side menu on codepen for ng-class active. thanks.

Awesome, thanks for this new version.

I get a problem on animations : on 0.9.26, I was able to use the slide-in-up transition on the ion-nav-view (with this animation, I was avoiding the problem of the direction).
It’s not working anymore on 0.9.27 :frowning:
Is it a bug or is it done on purpose ?

It seems that the fade-in animaton is not working either.

Hi jean,

Have you tried just setting 'class=“slide-in-up” on the navview?

Hi guys, thanks for the job.
I would like to ask a question because i can’t find anywhere. There is any kind of command in the ionic CLI to update my current project to the new version? Or I must download the “demo app” again and then create my project from the ground?

What must be done to update my app?
Thanks in advance.

I guess there’s no dedicated command.

To update own project i’ve cloned fresh seed app and replaced www/lib in own project with cloned one.

Then is just updating /lib.