Using Ionic purely as a wrapper for a mobile website

I know this question has kind of been asked before, but I can’t really find a good answer. I have a really slick mobile website that I would like to use in my mobile app but the only documentation I can find in using web pages is by utilizing the inappbrowser but the iab does not stay inside the content area and retain the tabs and side menu. Maybe I am missing some important aspect or maybe not searching google correctly. I want to do what Uber and many other companies do… Uber’s app is served from or at least it used to.

So long story short, can I create an ionic page that when browsed to from the app pulls in a page from a website and displays within the content area while retaining the ionic page header and sidebar?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Ionic is what is running inside the webview. You want to display your site inside the webview. This is done by Cordova. There you can also set external URLs to be displayed.

Caution: Apple won’t like that app probably.