Opening browser view in content

Hi guys,

I need to open a website inside my app, but would like to leave the ionic-header, so basically I would render the page in the content directive. Is that possible without messing with iframe?


Nope, not going to be possible. What you would do instead is use the inappbrowerser, but you will loose the ion-header-bar (unless you dive into some native code to make edits)

Thanks, just want to be sure before I get my hands dirty :smile:

I have some similar question.

I can customize this to show a button or something to close the page that did open using inappbrowser?


I followed this tutorial, and I added custom WebView with my url to cordova xcode project. This allows me to open some url in content area and still have ionic header. (ps. my app needs for this are very basic, and maybe this would not fit for everyone…)


Thanks @davor i go to try this and try another solutions to.