WebView with IonTabs

Is it possible to show webview within ionic-tab?
Or is there any other way to achieve this?


Had same problem but had to use the InAppBrowser with ngCordova which is great.
Anyway it was not possible for me to display the IAB inside the scroling-content…

Do you think there’s any possible ways to create tabbed/sidemenu app with two WebViews?

i guess there is just a single instance of the InAppBrowser.

i could imagine that following would work:

use the $scope.$on(’$stateChangeStart’, … or End event
event for open the IAB with state depending url

if the user press the native back button and closes the IAB and navigates to another site the other url is opend in IAB.

was this heplful?

Thanks, man! I’ll try to implement that. I’ll write you back as soon as i get any updates.

Ok great! You will make it!!!