Embed webview/webpage in an ionic tab

Hey there,

I’m developing an ionic app which has several tabs, one of them should show one of our companies webpages, the other tabs should (for example) allow the user to create push notifications; things that relates to what the user did on the webpage (so the ionic app needs to get data from it).

It could look similar to how the facebook app on ios (and probably android too) works, header on top and footer with tabs on the bottom, and the website embedded into the ion-content.

Now to my problem:
The inAppBrowser Plugin seems not to be designed to solve this kind of task, as it always opens a new window or redirects to a native browser, and using an iFrame might be a solution, but I’m not sure if it’s best for my problem.

How could I solve this in an elegant way, and/or is this the right approach after all?

Thanks in advance!