Using Ionic Pro to build without a browser

I need to build ipa and apk files on a server, but we know only mac can build an ipa file. So I am thinking to use Ionic Pro to compile the ipa.

Here is the question, may I make this work without open ionic pro website and click the buttons every time, but do all of this in my terminal?

Because it is not clearly stated in the document, I can’t know how whether it is possible before I buy it. Can any one tell me? If my question is not clear, I can also further explain.

I know you can with Phonegap Build for creating the binaries. (and it’s free if you’re only gonna build one app - without the use of multiple user accounts :wink: )

I do actually do this myself coupled with Microsoft’s AppCenter for keeping my apps updated in the field. With a couple of simple commands which I’m happy to share if that’s an avenue you want to pursue.

Something like…

call ionic build --prod
7z a -tzip www resources config.xml package.json package-lock.json ionic.config.json
curl -u -X PUT -F

There are additional commands you can use to string together actual builds and subsequent downloads also using their pretty standard API.

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That’s GREAT HELP! :clap::clap::clap:

Good luck with that :grinning: