Super simple question about ionic pro and downloading apk files

I migrated my app to ionic pro. it is on the dashboard now ( I am unable to download the compiled android APK file.

I can build my app using package build in the dashboard. When everything is ready in page “Package native binary”.

At the end of the build process this is shown:


Total time: 1 mins 11.133 secs
Built the following apk(s): 
Uploading apk...
Uploaded apk successfully.
Running after script...
$ clean-up
Cleaning up files...
Successful clean up
Job succeeded

But how do get the APK to my local machine?

From your list of builds, click on packages, history, you should see the download button there.

Found it. Thanks a lot! :sweat_smile:

apk download option is only for paid plans?

Yup - so pay up!

(I’ve switched to Phonegap Build to create my APK / IPA’s as I don’t need all the other stuff)

Can we create ionic app’s apk using phonegap?

Sorry not getting your question but here’s some simple steps:

Obviously you need to create a phonegap build account - you are allowed one private app for zero cost…
(And you’ll need to deal with the whole .p12 / .mobileprovision stuff for iPhone, ask if you’re unsure and i’ll point you to a url)

  • Create your app as normal.
  • Add the following entry in your ‘scripts’ section in your package.json…
"buildprod" : "ionic-app-scripts build --prod"
  • When you’re ready to create an apk / ipa, run the following…
npm run-script buildprod
  • This will produce the bundled js/css etc. Once ran zip up the www folder / resources folder / config.xml file into a zip file.
  • Upload zip file to phone gap
  • Let them build

I can not download the application after compiling

which ionic version are you using?

I got similar problem. In safari download doesn’t start even I turned off ad blocker, but in chrome everything works fine so try other browser or turn off ad blocker if you have one.

I found a solution for that problem, if you are using chrome, you must allow the popup on ionic domain; chrome does not allows popup by default but the download link comes in a popup. home it helps.