Using Ionic Components in regular Angular Project not working!

I’m trying to use Ionic in a module of a regular angular app so I could use some of the UI components.

I’m importing @inoic/angular into my Module.

My html looks like this:



    <ion-tab label="Workout" icon="body" routerLink="/mobile/main/statistics">

    <div class="div" (click)="onStatistics()">

        <ion-tab label="Statisics" icon="analytics" (click)="onStatistics()" >

The UI compoenets show up correctly but there are some other problems:

  • Scrolling just does not work
  • The Tabs don’t work, neither routerLink nor (click) are working.

I noticed when I delete my tabs and wrap my content inside ion-content scrolling works but this way my css body styling don’t show up… And also I still wan’t to use the tabbar.

What am I’m doing wrong? Any Ideas? Is there a way to use purely the UI Components without the underlying funtionality?