Use ionic components on standard Angular project

I already have a project on angular and I want to use some views with ionic components, how I can do a basic integration in my app? The target in the future creates two html files by component, one for the standard web page and another for creating mobile apps

Use the web components of Ionic 4 (which is currently in beta). Those can be used anywhere.

Thanks for that,
I tried @ ionic / angular 4.0.0-beta.3 and works for some components but don’t find ion-navbar and don’t load any style.
Any idea ?

@ionic/angular is the Angular package, you are probably looking to use @ionic/core.

I’m trying to do something similar. Have you had any success with it yet?

I got the same problem as you had and I find the way to solving it and helping everybody else who have the same issue…
You need to import IonicModule and CommonModule in components.module.ts to solve the problem.

 imports: [

then just need create a module in you`re project and then copy and past it....